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  • Vinilos decorativos a 2EUROS
    Una idea, un vinilo.
    Ponlos donde se te ocurra, en un espejo, un electrodoméstico, el coche, el PC...o tal vez un regalo?.
    Combínalos como quieras!!

    Vinilos para cristales, paredes, puertas, mamparas


Vinyl is a self-adhesive PVC material that can be applied to any smooth surface (walls, floors, windows, doors, furniture, plastics, cars ...)

Our vinyls are made of a special material for interior decoration.

Inside, the vinyl's life is unlimited. Outside, it's life is 3 years.

None of our vinyl has ridges or background.

All of them come with transfer for an easyer application.

The vinyl, ready for placement, consists of 3 parts:

  • 1 – Vinyl cutting
  • 2 - Printed vinyl
  • 3 - Translucent vinyl
1 – Vinyl cutting
* Those whose material has the same color on both sides, the visible and the adhesive side.

* The color of the material is applied in the factory, not printed, only is trimmed.

* The standard cut vinyl are available in a wide range of colors (see info. On colors).

* You can install it on glasses because it looks the same on both sides, just keep in mind that the orientation of one side is reversed (as seen in a mirror)

2 - Printed vinyl
* White material vinyl, which is printed and then trimmed.

* Printed in the visible part, the adhesive side is white (this part is not seen once it is placed on the wall, only take it into account if you want to put it on glasses)

* Any combination of colors.

3 - Translucent vinyl
* It is a translucent material, the light passes and is widely used as replacement of the curtains.

* In the shop you can find many designs, you'll notice positive designs REF: xxxP and negative REF: xxxN.

* The acid-negative models covering the entire glass, the part of the drawing is transparent, because there aren't vinyl, the picture is cut.

* The acid-positive models are equal to the vinyl cutting but using translucent material.

* In acid crystals, we not recommend to put translucid vinyl, because it is not distinguish. In these cases you can put vinyl cutting white, silver ...

None of our vinyl has ridges or background.

Once placed the vinyl, the surface where it has been applied is the background.

Our printed vinyls are specially designed to prevent small errors which are produced between printing and cutting, thus avoiding the unpleasant effect that occurs at the intersections of colors.

All vinyls are delivered fully packaged with installation instructions inside and a palette for vinyl application on to acid.